Hi Everyone!

My name is Kayla, I’m 19 years old and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am a college student working on getting an associates in paralegal studies. I live with my fiance Joel and our crazy little dachshund Ginger.

I’m starting this blog not just to talk about getting fit for my upcoming wedding, but also to show my journey towards a healthier lifestyle which will stick with me long after I say “I Do”.

So let me start from the beginning.

I was born in Illinois, but moved to Wisconsin when I was still a baby with my birth mom. Over the next 13 years came a really complicated story which ended up with me moving in with my grandparents because I saw that my mom had a lot of problems that led her to not be able to care for me properly. My life with her was not a happy one, but in the end it led me to living with my grandparents who are honestly the kindest people in the world. They raised me to be the person I am today and it’s scary to think what I would have grown up to be without them.

However I still had to deal with the daily dramas of becoming a teenage girl.

Growing up I was always on the heavier side, and that never really bothered me cause I loved junk food way more than I loved the idea of being skinny. That all changed when I started middle school. All the girls were so skinny and really cared about how they looked and I started getting picked on for my weight, my clothes, and the fact that I didn’t wear makeup.It got to the point were I asked to be home schooled, which I was 7th through 11th grade. The teasing had left its mark though and really made me change the way I looked at myself. I began hating my body and in 9th grade made a horrible health decision. I started following pro-anna blogs and following the rules and diets I saw on the sites. I would only eat a bowl of cereal everyday and  started taking long walks which turned into long runs. I got the desired effect and by the start of my sophomore year I was down to 105 ibs. Even though I was now an anorexic I started having better self esteem and asked my grandparents if I could go back to a normal school. So during the second semester of my sophomore year I started going to  a private Lutheran High School.

Going to a Lutheran school was a a really positive experience. Everyone was pretty nice and there wasn’t a lot of violence and bullying like in public school.  It was also great because my first semester at school is when I began dating my fiance Joel. During our first few months of dating  however is when my grandparents started catching on to the fact that I was and anorexic, even though I tried my hardest to hide it. My grandma started making me write down everything I ate during the day, and even asked Joel to make sure I was eating on dates. Talk about embarrassing. But it worked and slowly I started realizing how serious anorexia was. I was looking in the mirror still seeing myself as a heavy girl, when everyone else was seeing a girl who was way to thin. Joel really followed through and made sure I was eating while we were together and made me see that I was beautiful and didn’t need to go to such extremes in order to be thin. So  I began to eat like a normal teenager and made sure to exercise regularly.

Then college happened and I started slipping up both with my diet and exercise. I started eating a lot of fast food and gained that dreaded “Freshman 15”. But the biggest change I felt was how sluggish and moody I was becoming. I knew I needed to change my habits yet again. So I began eating right and exercising again. Even though It’s only been a few months I can tell a difference in my body. I know that the journey ahead is not about dieting and restrictions but on creating a healthy lifestyle that works for me. I really hope you enjoy this blog.


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